Toby’s last day

Next week, Toby will be considered a full-time student. Today, his status is closer to “gainfully unemployed,” because yesterday was his last day of work. His final ESL (English as a Second Language) class was from 4 to 5pm yesterday and when I called him at 5:15pm to congratulate him, his work number had already been disconnected.

Be Boo Beeee… We’re sorry. You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.

As I sat there listening to the woman’s voice, I wondered how Toby was feeling right at that moment. Did he feel disconnected or no longer in service? I hoped not. Did he feel calm and in control? Probably not. Did he feel sad? Definitely, but I knew it was mixed with excitement.

Later that evening, Toby called Raymond, a close friend of ours, to talk about a recommendation letter that Raymond was writing for him. Raymond told Toby he would put the completed letter on Toby’s desk at work. Toby replied, “It’s not my desk anymore.” Raymond replied more determinedly, “I’m putting it on your former desk.”

As hard as it is for us to leave, I think it’s equally difficult for our friends to be the ones left.


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4 responses to “Toby’s last day

  1. Beth Johnson

    How True this iis !!!!

  2. debbie

    You got that right 😦

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