57 minutes

Case Number: FM 05/25/12/801

Incident: Property and Child Disappearance

Reporting Civilian: Ms. Rachel  Date of Report: 25 May 2012

At about 1035 hours on 25th May 2012, I delivered 23 large brightly-colored, multipurpose floor mats to the end of my drive. At approximately 1126 hours that same day a large white minivan with two familiar-looking females cruised slowly by the end of the drive. At 1129 hours, I posted blog article End-0f-the-Drive Phenomenon about said floor mats. At approximately 1132 hours, the floor mats had disappeared, along with my 4-year-old son.

I conducted a survey of the scene but found no items of evidence. There were no items to retrieve or photograph.

At about 1135 hours, I heard voices from the back the house and found the female driver of the white van along with my 4-year-old son quickly moving into the wooded area of my neighbor’s backyard, carrying all 23 large, brightly-colored, multipurpose floor mats.

I met with perpetrators Ms. J  and my 4-year-old son regarding the missing floor mats and child. Ms. J asked, “These were for free, right?” I replied, “That’s exactly what I just blogged about! Yes! Of course, they’re free (except the child).” The child had nothing to say on the matter.

I obtained a sworn statement from Ms. J and provided her with the case number and Information Leaflet 05/25/12 (“End-of-the-Drive Phenomenon”). I entered the floor mats into the station database as “successfully taken”. I also returned the 4-year-old to his proper place.

Next item for the end of the drive – our basement rugs.

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  1. Toby

    I just want to say that our neighbors are great, like adopted grandparents of our children. We will greatly miss our neighbors. And Micah will miss them, too.

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