The __________.

In January of 2012, five months before we officially moved to the seminary, I visited the campus with two of my children. A seminary friend of ours organized a panel of three larger, second-career families (like ours) to join my kids and I for a pizza party in order to address my concerns. I asked a million questions – about life, schools, insurance, finances, classes, moving, everything. They patiently answered all my questions.

What struck me about our conversations that night was how positive and confident the families were. They weren’t candy-coating their experiences to win me over and there were definitely voiced frustration and complaints, but it didn’t seem to affect their overall seminary experience. They seemed to actually like it at seminary. Ha! There I was, feeling sorry for myself and the sacrifices I didn’t want to be making, and there they were, their families in the midst of total life change and uncertainty, yet not at all pessimistic. I was humbled and hopeful.

That trip was a turning point for me.

Turn the clocks forward to May 2013 and I was given a chance to pay that favor forward. A pastor friend of mine in the Chicago land area asked if Toby and I would be willing to sit down and talk with a prospective student and his family who were visiting the campus this weekend. It was my turn to talk seminary.

One of the prospective couple’s questions was: if we could name one good thing about our seminary experience thus far, what would it be. After answering that question and many other questions that were so similar to the same ones I had asked a year and a half ago, it gave me a blog idea. I decided to open that same question up to the other seminary wives on our seminary facebook page to see how they would have answered. Here’s what I posed and their answers.

Me:  Just had a prospective student and family visit: They asked if we could name one good thing about our seminary experience thus far. It got me thinking of a blog idea: So.. if you could name ONE positive thing about your seminary experience thus far, what would it be and can you phrase it in the form of a noun… i.e. Q: What’s your favorite thing about sem? A: “The_____________” (fill in the blank) Thanks!

EE:  The fact that I can walk out my door and with-in a few minutes find another Sem wife going through the same stuff I am and we can support and uplift each other!!!!

DH:  The friends…life long friends!!!!!

DeH:  The generosity. From both the Sem community and the church as a whole. Not just of treasure, but time and talents as well.

AF:  The community. Everyone is so willing to lift one another up, help each other out, pray for each other, etc.

MM-C:  The community. Not just of the people living here but the ones who work here as well. Also that it is a safe community. And the other reasons posted above.

SW:  The blessings of the larger body of Christ are amazing. The people who are strangers caring for your family, sending Christmas gifts, etc. People will take care of you here!

AV:  The community.

JP:  The opportunities.

PM:  The sisters!

DM:  M’s uncle was visiting recently, and our sweet neighbor stopped by with cupcakes. I thanked her, we talked about nothing in particular for a bit, and she went back upstairs. M’s uncle, very perplexed, asked “does that happen very often?” I said, “does what happen??” I guess it has come to feel very normal that when you have extra of something, you share it with each other. I love our neighbors, even the ones that live 1000 miles away now!

LS: The squirrels… not!

LT:  The people, it’s kinda like the old song, “we are the church”… The sem is not the buildings, it’s about the people. You learn how to live in community with others of both different and similar backgrounds, but all sharing the common faith. It’s an environment unlike any other I have ever known.

TD:  The COMMUNITY!!!! I’ve never been in a more supportive, encouraging, caring, and FUN environment. Who knew that the Seminary would be FUN? I did not expect that.

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    Love it!

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