The Power of the Pen and the 20th Century

Last summer, I wrote a blog post about having no dishwasher. Awhile after the article was posted, friends and family visiting our home started washing dishes for me. At first, I thought it was a gracious gesture (which it was, of course). However, after a few comments like “I know you hate doing dishes” and “I wanna give you a break from dishwashing,” it dawned on me. While my visitors were responding graciously to my hosting, they were also responding kindly to my pathetic blog grumblings.

Similarly, I recently wrote a blog describing my quest for the best donuts in town. (By the way, I have discovered even better donuts at “Olde Town Donuts”! Not to be confused with “Old Donuts”.) Friends and family again responded. I received donuts, pictures of donuts, and helpful suggestions for furthering my pastry review. The dishwasher post afforded me a break from a hated chore. While the donut post afforded me 3 extra pounds.

As a result, I have actually considered writing a blog about doing laundry. In the hopes that friends will stop by with laundry baskets and detergent, excited to help me conquer the endless dirty clothes piles in the basement. Or maybe a blog about how much I love ribs! Would my dad, as a result of reading my blog, drive down from Chicago baring trays of hot, sweet, barbequed, Chicago-style ribs? It might be worth a try.

A little piece of heaven

A little piece of heaven

Back to the dishwasher. Another unexpected outcome of having written out my complaint about dishwashing was that a friend on campus heard about my blog. So in response, she reserved a portable dishwasher for me from one of the fourth year families. They surprised me with it two weeks ago. For 50 bucks and free delivery, I now own a wonderful modern convenience in my little, seminary kitchen. When my dad found out about the dishwasher, he congratulated me by saying, “Welcome to the 20th century.”

Now if I could only get him to bring me those ribs…


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4 responses to “The Power of the Pen and the 20th Century

  1. Julia

    Isabelle has requested “good” ribs for her birthday party this weekend. Come on up! 🙂

  2. Walt

    Phew!!! Had you actually written a blog about ribs I would have been compelled to bring ribs down. BUT… since you didn’t actually write a blog about ribs, I’m off the hook!

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