Our Housing Situation: A Five-Minute Update

I should be doing either one of two things right now: packing up my house (we move in three weeks) or preparing for my first writers’ conference (I leave in one week). If you are reading this post, then you know I have decided to procrastinate in both areas. We close on our new home this Friday and I am apparently incapable of doing anything (except writing about it and binge eating cheesy nachos), until it’s over.

KeysHomeIn general, I have found that sharing stories about buying our first home is like telling others about the delivery of my first child. While I may be traumatized by what happened, everyone else seems either unimpressed, completely turned-off, or they have a better story. (Although I do have some good baby delivery stories, if you’re ever interested. Like the time my water broke in the church bathroom and I had 37 minutes to… No?… Oh, you have to go? Okay, well, maybe next time…)

And similar to a first baby, I am having difficulty discerning what I should be concerned about and what is considered normal. For instance, up until last week, the title on the new house was not “clean”. Having an unclean title narrowed down my future to two possible outcomes: homeowner or homeless. Because while we sat there waiting for the title to clear, our landlord was in the process of narrowing down potential new tenants.

As you can imagine, I panicked. Kind of like my first-time mom obsessions with breastfeeding, umbilical issues, and the regularity (or lack thereof) of my baby’s dirty diapers. It takes a professional or an experienced friend to tell you not to worry about it and/or to get over yourself.

Both my brother-in-law and my realtor talked me down from my title worries, saying this kind of thing happens all the time. Only in a few cases does it become a deal-breaker. I needed my brother-in-law to say, “Nothing about what you are telling me seems unusual.” And I needed my realtor to say, “If I see hints that this is a deal breaker – I will let you know right away.”

Deep breaths.

Take for instance my coworkers. I thought I was the only one dealing with house issues, but come to find out that about half of our staff is either moving, or buying, or in transition. I am not unique and neither is our home buying experience. And I am having a hard time getting a sympathetic ear.

But that’s ok. For every mom who seemed unimpressed with my baby problems, it gave me a reason to calm down. And for every homeowner who hears my woes and simply smiles and nods knowingly, I have renewed confidence that everything is going as it should.

Crazy is normal.

And as of last Wednesday, the title cleared!

Deep breaths.

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