Buying a house.


We are in the process of buying a home, for the first time. If we were buying anything else at this time in our lives, for this ridiculous amount of money, it would be classified as a mid-life crisis.


We just finished a 14-day negotiation on a wonderful* fixer-upper just 2 miles north of here. In those 14 days, my face broke out like a 15-year-old boy. I was bedridden for a day and a half after pulling my back (sandbox lid at preschool). And I currently have a knot the size of a golf ball in my left piriformis muscle. (That’s medical terminology for “deep inside my buttocks”.) While this home-buying process (and my subsequent ailments) are not over yet, I thought I would share some of what I’ve learned about myself and home buying thus far.

Now there is plenty of sound, home-buying information out there, so I won’t bore you with the obvious tips. I will, however, share my unique experiences, experiences to keep in mind if you find yourself in similar pore-clogging, bottom-gripping situations.

(To those of you who have been through this process, feel free to share your unique advice below in the comment section of this post.)

What I’ve learned about myself and the home-buying process:

  1. Home buying’s spirit name is “Big Stress”. I thought I only carried stress in my throat, stomach, and shoulder muscles. Now I know what happens to my body when I have Big Stress – tension in all those places, plus my facial pores, back, and lower muscles.
  2. Kids sense stress. Include them in the process, but don’t stress them out. Instead, hide the excess stress in the deep crevasses of your piriformis.

    My mom serving ice cream to all of us. Another comfort food.

    My mom serving ice cream to all of us. Another comfort food.

  3. I laugh more loudly and frequently when nervous or faced with high levels of stress. (I have been making my new friends, coworkers, and husband feel very uncomfortable.) One suggestion for tempering this disruptive social behavior is to ask your mother (or someone else who loves you unconditionally) to stay near you during the home-buying process. Or if that’s not possible, rock in a rocking chair for a few hours a day.
  4. Nausea and a transient lack of motor reactivity usually mean that the house you are considering to empty out all of your savings for, may not be the right choice. Walk away.
  5. When the home you are seeing has trash in the front yard, warning flyers posted in the windows, animal feces throughout the house, cupboard doors hanging on hinges, a foul smell you can’t name, permanent marker scribbles on the wall, sinks pulled off the wall, a sunken in kitchen floor, cross your heart and immediately walk quickly out the way you came in.cheese-and-coffee
  6. Comfort foods help during the home-buying process. Two of my comfort foods are cheese and coffee (which may explain the acne and nervous laughter).
  7. When a home has water stains in the shape of a toilet on the ceiling in more than one spot, walk away.
  8. Scheduling family dental checkups and orthodontist consultations during the buying process is ill advised.CowLawnmower
  9. We have never owned a lawnmower and now we have to get one.
  10. We have great friends and family who are ready to share their suggestions, connections, expertise, and their helping hands. Thank you all!
  11. Prayer is essential. For most of this process, I have felt like a little girl wearing her mamma’s heels taking her lunch money to play poker against outlaws. I don’t know what I am doing and I am nervous we are making a huge mistake. My prayers have basically been: God don’t let us make a mistake. Guide us, give us wisdom, and no matter what, Your will be done.
  12. And finally, the star of this crazy show has been our realtor. She is an amazing, patient, smart, savvy, determined realtor, if you ever need one. Thank you, Cindy!

To summarize, no matter what situation you find yourself in, whether it’s first time home buying or something else, recognize and appreciate the education you are receiving. And be ready to share what you’ve learned with someone who finds themselves in a similar situation in the future. And for goodness sakes, don’t let it go to your piriformis.

Home Sweet Home - well, almost sweet and almost home

Home Sweet Home – well, almost sweet and almost home

*wonderful – I feel the house is wonderful now, but ask me again in October when we have to boot up the furnace from last century.






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4 responses to “Buying a house.

  1. Elizabeth Svoysky

    Congratulations on your new home! It does look wonderful and it’s nice that you can now put down roots. Love, V&B


  2. O.K. I get the feeling that you were stressed when he was called to become a Pastor. Did God bring you through that? My husband needs more exercise according to his endrocronologist. Perhaps he could be of value to you and you could be of value to him by providing some yard work and help with carpentry, painting, or whatever to help bring his numbers down. I am serious, just ask him. He is as strong as an ox. Today, he lifted a non-working air conditioner out of the wall and put another in.

  3. Sara Lehmann

    Are you sure you aren’t back in West Lafayette? Your new house looks like Redeemer’s parsonage + a third car garage.

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