Throwback Thursday!

Today may be the last warm-ish Minnesota day of the year. To celebrate the onslaught of a Northern winter season, I have made beef stew and pumpkin pie. I also let Toby know it was time to start thinking about the family Christmas newsletter, which really isn’t a newsletter at all.

For the last, I don’t know how many years, instead of sending a more kosher and traditional yearly update, I have been recording our year’s “quotable quotes”. Anything one of us says that is remotely funny, embarrassing, or ridiculous, I write it down, all year long. And the response from our friends and family has been quite positive. I am proud to say that our family newsletter has moved from its spot in the average recycling bin to the honored position in the upstairs bathroom magazine rack. It’s pretty great.

So as I prepare for this year’s quotable quotes, I thought I’d submit last year’s edition for a Throwback Thursday treat! Along with a photo of the boys…and yes. The youngest did have a mohawk.



Quotable Quotes 2014

Reuben (to a dancing Daddy) – Daddy, you are too nice to dance.

Karis – When you learn something new, you get another lump on your brain.

Toby – I love the fact that we eat second breakfast, wear crocs all the time, and dress like gnomes. We’re practically hobbits.

Micah – Mom, if you take honey mustard and ketchup and put them on your plate and mix it up. Then dip your green beans in it and eat it… Mom – Yes? Micah – Yeah. Don’t do that. It tastes really bad.

Josiah (after throwing up) – No mom, I was just rapid spitting.

Micah – I have lots of things in my brain that make me smart like Karis.

Reuben (hiccup)– I’m hiccing up!

Josiah (to Micah) – What did you do when you were at Ben and Sam’s house? Micah – Same old, same old.

Mom – Micah, did anyone notice your haircut today? Micah – Yep. Mom – Who? Micah – I did! When I looked in the mirror.

Karis (at a baseball game) – Is a “long go” the opposite of a short stop?

Reuben (after being told to eat his cereal and not play with his pumpkin)– Did you cut my pumpkin!? … Micah! Don’t carry it by the stem! … Mom! I don’t want you to cut my pumpkin! Can you don’t cut my pumpkin!!

Micah’s birthday card for Dad reads: Dear dad, Happy birthday and you are the king of birthdays, but not tomorrow – Micah

Micah (about his boo-boo) – It’s a good thing this boo-boo is on my not-favorite hand.

Reuben – If your eye pops out, you have to wear a patch.

Karis (talking to Micah about his first experience playing four-square at recess) – Micah, with the big kids, you kinda handled it!! Micah – Yeah! I handled it!

Josiah – Stars Wars!

Mom – What are you up to, Karis? Karis – Oh, I’m just going back to my old life of making jewelry for everyone.

Micah – I don’t wanna clean because it’s too messy in here!

Mom – Josiah! Make sure you are being gentle with Karis! Josiah – Yes Mom, she can breathe!

Micah – Freeze brain! (brain freeze)

Karis (reading a fortune from her fortune cookie) – “You will be admired by your friends.” Oh yea, that will probably happen. Actually… that already HAS happened.

Reuben (while being tucked in for bed) – Can you make my whole body hide?

Mom – Micah, I like how you are taking your time. Micah – When I was in kindergarten, I took my time once.

Mom – Daddy’s turning 40 this year, guys. It’s a big one! What should we do to celebrate? Reuben (worried) – He won’t be able to fit in our house anymore when he’s 40!

Mom – Sometimes you just need a good cry. I’ve cried myself to sleep before. Josiah – That’s what slaves do.

Toby – I missed my grandmother’s wedding. Rachel – Um…. wasn’t she married in the 40’s?

Karis (after being told to organize her bureau) – Alright! This is going to be fun!

Micah (talking to one of Josiah’s friends) – Yeah, my big brother LOVES to wrestle me. And I ALWAYS win. Friend – He probably lets you win. Micah (offended) – NO! I use all my strength. He doesn’t even know. PLUS. I eat lots of chicken. I love chicken. Josiah barely eats any.

Karis – Mom look at the Micah’s hanging jackets under his eyes. Josiah – Karis, it’s bags under your eyes, not jackets!

Mom (to Reuben) – Reuben, why is your shirt drawer so messy? Reuben – Mom! (exasperatedly) ‘Cause I don’t know how to fold them! I just know how to mess them up!

Micah (looking at the ground beef Mom is cooking) – Can you make some chicken outta that?

Karis – Dear God, help our last year of seminary be good. And help our migration to go well.

…Stay tuned for more Quotable Quotes!


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3 responses to “Throwback Thursday!

  1. Mary

    Very good sister! I am eagerly awaiting the new list! I want some pie now……and stew. Miss you. Hugs 🙂

  2. Rebecca Waller

    This one made me laugh out loud! It puts motherhood in perspective.

    Mom – Sometimes you just need a good cry. I’ve cried myself to sleep before. Josiah – That’s what slaves do.

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