To the left, to the left. Everything we own in the truck to the left.

It’s been six weeks or so since my last post. I am laying (uncomfortably) on the empty floor of our seminary apartment, quickly typing a short post to let you know that we are moving in less than 36 hours! The trailer, which will haul all of our possessions to our new adventure, sits outside and to the left of our building.

Since Call Day we have been frantically finishing school, finishing seminary classes, packing, cleaning, and seeing local friends one last time before the trek up north. Toby also spent about two weeks of that time in Minnesota looking for housing (not recommended) and meeting some of our wonderful new church members (highly recommended).

For the trip up north, Toby packed the van full of our electronics, theology books, our bikes, and a drum set. During that time, I tried to post a clever, upbeat article using our kindlefire. That was like typing a thesis on a phone. At one point, after having thumb-typed two measly paragraphs for about 45 minutes, my finger joints seized up and the Internet simultaneously froze. I lost all but the first 7 words. Needless to say, no post.

My excuse today, for such a short post, is that we are busy finishing up the apartment. The kids are going insane because we packed up all their toys and locked them out of the house for most of the last two days. (And by insane, I mean insane. They were last spotted finger-drumming their lips making motor sounds and spinning in our empty living room.) Our friends are delivering our stored dining room set tonight (thank you!!) and we need to be ready to pack the truck tomorrow, starting at 10am. I keep chanting in my head – wash baseboards, set out tomato cages, wrap mirrors, and get gas tanks from Sarah – because that is what I have left to do before the final cleanup and inspection tomorrow night and Thursday morning.

I cannot wait to tell you more of the details of this whole move when I am sitting on the deck of our rented townhome which is only 1000 ft. from the nearest Caribou coffee shop and the public library (two of my favorite places). By then, the kids will be enjoying their long lost treasures, Toby will be doing what he has spent the last three years preparing to do, and I will be contemplating what just happened these last three years. Until then.



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2 responses to “To the left, to the left. Everything we own in the truck to the left.

  1. Alice Stroshine

    What a whirlwind! My thoughts and prayers are with you as you enter the next phase of your adventure!

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you all! I remember those days as well (less no children) still being insane and exciting. Travel mercies are upon you! In His Grace! Doug

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