When we get to where we’re going.

So the second interview was completely different than the first, but equally good.

Our interviewer was not a church call committee or pastor, but a district outreach director. He interviewed us to determine if we might match one of the many open church sites within his district. Towards the end of the interview, he disclosed three sites that he would like to consider us for. And then he shut his folder, handed us his business card, and shook our hands. That was it.

And now. We… w….a….i….t.

It’s hard not obsessing. Friends and family members ask for updates and where we are in the process. I know the answer will come soon, but it already seems like forever.

As we have slowly been approaching this call, this big move. I have developed this unfortunate habit of promising things to the kids (and myself) that are contingent on our move. Things that might happen or things we might do, have, or get after we move.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????For example, the kids have asked, When can we go to Disney World? I say, Maybe after we get to where we’re going. It started as a deterrent. And has now grown into a monster wish list with multiple dollar signs attached. The kids say, We want a dog. I say, That would be fun to think about, when we get to where we are going. It seems to be a habit I have created for myself as well. outdoorkitchenFor instance, I see a model outdoor kitchen at the Botanical Gardens and I say, Man, I would really like an outdoor kitchen. Then I say to myself, Maybe when we get to where we are going. Then I can have one!

Besides, the trip to Disney World, the dog, and an outdoor kitchen, the list has grown to include – a house, a big yard, chickens, an outdoor cat, individual bedrooms, an espresso machine, a Hummer (I don’t remember promising that one, but the boys do), a small farm, a swimming pool, oceanfront property, a snow mobile, multiple pet reptiles, the Wii, an art room, a hamster, and a mountain in the backyard.

Basically, anytime the kids have said they want something, I respond with: Not ‘til we get to where we’re going. I have been unwisely putting things off until we get to where we are going. I am afraid when we actually do get to where we are going, our budget for these so-called items will be in the millions.

Along those same lines are things I have been mentally putting off until we get to where we are going. Things I don’t feel like addressing until after we move. Style, for example, has apparently been put on hold. Every time I try to wear or be something stylish, I realize I need help. That search for help has been put off until we (say it together now) …get to where we are going.

I am also putting off dealing with the notion that all of my kids will be in school when we move. No preschoolers, no toddlers, no babies. Just tweeners and big kids. And everything that comes with that territory. For example, Josiah moving into the category of “deodorant-using young man” is one of those things that I have just sort of put into the category of I-will-deal-with-it-when-we-get-to-where-we’re-going.

oldspiceBut last week, Josiah came home from school and as-a-matter-of-factly stated, Mom, I need deodorant. Whether it was denial or surprise, I simply responded, Sweety, deodorant is for big kids who smell. You don’t smell… yet.

Like a little scientist, he firmly responded, When I reach the ages of 10-12, my body will begin to release gases that will make me smell. That’s why I need deodorant. So, even though I didn’t want him to grow up to be a gas-releasing, deodorant-wearing man, I went out to Walmart anyway and bought him some Old Spice. And he loves it. So much so that he is now sharing it with his 4- and 6-year-old brothers.

Ugh! Even though I am not ready to get to where we are going, it’s gonna happen. And I am prayin’ that we will love it when we “get there”.



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3 responses to “When we get to where we’re going.

  1. Mary S

    hang in there. I have also promised the kids a dog when we get to where we are going. the other half has promised Disney. I think I am adding the oceanfront property, mountain, and espresso machine ;)…..no matter what it’s something good. HUGS.

  2. p.s. the picture of the bears on the old spice is weird to the max

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