Elvis the Covert Giraffe

"Elvis the Covert Giraffe"

“Elvis the Covert Giraffe”

One day my family came home to find a large, stuffed giraffe at our front door. Standing 52” tall with a sign wrapped around his long, slightly sagging neck and a small container of cookies at his feet, “Elvis the Giraffe” stood patiently waiting for us to find him. The sign read: “Hi, my name is Elvis the Covert Giraffe. Enjoy my gift and then pass me on to another sem family.”

The kids were ecstatic. They hugged him, they sat on him, and they even carried him on their backs. We promptly convinced them that the large, where-in-the-world-would-we-put-him giraffe had to keep moving. They could enjoy him for one night, but then in the morning, he would have to “bless” another seminary family.

The next morning, we packed the plastic container with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and Elvis the Covert Giraffe left with Toby the Sneaky Seminarian. The kids were sad, but they understood that Elvis needed to keep on moving. Toby returned, out of breath, ten minutes later.

Apparently Toby likes a challenge. He had brought Elvis to the upstairs apartment of an ex-cop. Not wanting to be caught, Toby had carried Elvis up the stairs, quickly situated him in front of his friend’s front door, then ran down to the bottom of the stairs. He then grabbed a handful of pebbles and threw them up towards their front door. The pebbles, he told me, actually rained down on the whole apartment building and as he was running off through the seminary woods, Toby the Sneaky (but-not-so-Stealthy) Seminarian saw more than one family come to answer their front doors, wondering what had just happened.

Tea party with Elvis

Tea party with Elvis

Well, we laughed and thought that was the end of Elvis the Covert Giraffe. But since that time, three weeks ago, Elvis has been back two more times. The next time he appeared, we had just come home from church. I saw Elvis waiting patiently again at our front door and immediately ran back to the van to distract the kids while Toby the Sneaky Seminarian once again ran Elvis and the snacks to another family in a farther section of apartment buildings. We didn’t want the kids to get their hopes up.

But Elvis came back again! The day before Thanksgiving, I went to take the laundry down to the basement and upon returning, just two minutes later, there he was. As if Elvis had never left the building. I am beginning to think he likes it here.

So, partly out of exasperation, partly because everyone had already left for their Thanksgiving vacations, and partly because we were beginning to like our tall friend, we decided to keep him awhile. At least, until we could come up with a better, more covert plan of action.

In the meantime, Elvis has been enjoying tea parties, dance-a-thons, and Christmas decorating. Karis has even been lobbying for his adoption saying, “But mom, he’s not lonely anymore.” So here he quietly sits. In the corner of our playroom, still bearing his sign which reminds us all that one day he needs to move on… but not yet.



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4 responses to “Elvis the Covert Giraffe

  1. Bethel Larsen

    I love it! What a delightful idea! May Elvis the Giraffe continue to brighten the lives of seminary families!

  2. Darci

    Elvis came to visit us last year! He’s been touring for a while now!

  3. Anne

    Love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. susan schoenfuhs

    And you thought the singing fish was bad. At least it was smaller. The bright side is Elvis always comes with food.

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