Has it been that long?

This past Thursday, I chatted with my “blog accountability partner” (we’ll call her “Janet”) and she dutifully reminded me that it has been 14 days since my last blog entry. 14 days!! Has it really been that long?! What an atrocity! I apologize. I really want to write weekly, but sometimes… I hate to say it, I sit down at the computer, glance up at the clock, and see that I only have one hour until I have to pick the kids up from school. And then I do it. I stand up, walk out of the office, head straight to my room, and I take a nap. For the last two weeks in nap vs. blog, nap has come out on top every time. I am not proud.

What’s worse is that I don’t foresee my newest blog  idea entitled “And God appointed a worm” being published for another few days, because instead of staying home this weekend and writing, I chose to pack up the kids and visit the grandparents. Who, by the way, ALSO reminded me of the importance of updating my blog, with ANYTHING.

So here it is. A moment on my in-laws’ computer to share a confession of my afternoon naps, and a promise to do better next week.


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6 responses to “Has it been that long?

  1. Walt

    You’ll notice that I do not have a blog at all! That’s because the nap will always win – every time! No contest! ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

  2. susan

    Yes, and he can fall asleep anywhere. Like this one time, I went into the office to see him and found him in the computer chair, head back, arms and legs akimbo fast asleep.

    It’s okay. Sleep is a must for parents of young children!

  3. Yay for in-laws! I am glad you listen to THEM at least 🙂

  4. Ha! Let’s say, I listen to you both! =)

  5. tabitha "rachels biggest fan" eat that Julia

    you win. blog done, everyone happy and i actually commented ona blog- first time ever. winner winner Rachel dinner. FYI check into a butcher in MO. you will be surprised at prices and acceptability of coups. i want an amazing dinner for turkey day- no turkeys invited.

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