For Test Purposes Only

Early this morning, I went for a run with a new friend and she asked me where Toby and I went on our vicarage. (Vicarage is a church internship for third-year seminarians and their families. Vicarage assignments can be anywhere in the United States.) I laughed and reminded her that we were only first years, not fourth years (like herself). She apologized and commented that she had forgotten I was new here, because I seemed so at-ease and comfortable.

What a compliment! Apparently, I am a master of disguise! Regardless of whether or not my state-of-being is an act or a reality, it made me think that I had better keep blogging about the interesting things on campus before the novelty effect wears off and everything becomes normal or “comfortable.”

So before I forget, let me share another interesting aspect of seminary, that of seminary chicken.

Every month, a local poultry company donates boxes and boxes of chicken in all forms: chicken tenderloins, diced cubed chicken, chicken fingers, chicken wings, chicken fryers, chicken nuggets, and even chicken fun-shapes, such as four-leaf clovers, hearts, rings, rhinoceroses, sticks, dinosaurs, smiley faces, and even drumsticks (yes, chicken in the shape of chicken).

On my first trip to the food bank, I eagerly grabbed our allotted bag o’ chicken, brought it home, opened it up, baked those cleverly shaped patties and eagerly gave them to the kids, never once looking at the packaging. A few weeks later, I proudly pulled out the bag to show my unenthusiastic sister what was for dinner and for the first time (with her help) noticed the large print label. It read: “Experimental Product – For Test Purposes Only.”

Seminary chicken. Mmmmm…

Experimental chickenI still go to the food bank every month to collect my chicken rations. I’d like to think that the testing is for the “shape” of the chicken, not for the ingredients. However, now when I pull a chicken bag out of the freezer, I’ll admit that my original excitement at the thought of amazing, free chicken has been replaced with a little apprehension and a quiet prayer – “God bless this food we are about to eat.”




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8 responses to “For Test Purposes Only

  1. Cheryl Schmidt

    we were trying to figure out who that extra kid was in the picture-just goes to show you never know what that experimental stuff will do for you–Had to blow it up to find out–love you mom&Dad

  2. Walt

    I think it was Socrates who said (or was it some guy named Joe that I met at a diner a few years back) who said, “Don’t look a gift chicken in the label.”

  3. Julia

    The cousins have survived their encounter with the Test Product Chicken. Their friends don’t even tease them about the third eye anymore! 😉

  4. Alice

    I’m going to look for rhinos in the grocery store. We’ll see if they passed the test.

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