10 minutes of blog

What if I only had 10 minutes to blog something, this is what it would look like…

A good friend of mine recently reminded me that it has been over a week since I blogged something. Right now, I have a measly 10 minutes until I have to wake up two sleeping preschoolers, strap them into a stroller, and walk the half-mile route to pick up the older two from school. So I decided to write an “impromptu” 10-minute blog. (That first paragraph took 1 minute… 9 to go.)

And now the phone is ringing…

They hung up… (another minute gone after trying to catch the phone and then spell checking the word impromptu).

I thought I would share a bit of what has happened over the last week as quickly as possible… little or no editing.

I took the boys to the allergist/pulminologist last week. Josiah will start immunotherapy (allergy shots) A.S.A.P. Micah is officially being treated for asthma. Later in the week, Micah started speech therapy with the amazing Miss Marcey. We love her and Micah carries his backpack to class each Thursday. Josiah made student council and feels very important. Toby had a second soccer game. He plays for the seminary and is one of the oldest players out there (but he plays a good game!). Micah tells everyone that his dad is the one with no hair. Karis went to a build-a-bear birthday party and I got to know a few more moms from the kids’ school. I appreciate that. Reuben fell and skinned the same spot on his knee three times. He doesn’t like the nursery class in our new church and this past Sunday our pastor talked about the importance of rest. Rest in all areas of our life. He also talked about getting rest relationally. He said to spend time with people we enjoy as a form of respite from the daily relationships that we encounter.

That’s one thing that is hard being the new person. Respite in relationships, when all relationships are new and sometimes unpredictable. The one thing that I have, however, is my family and my relationship with Christ. I know that sounds trite. But when you are put in a new place, with years of transitioning ahead of you, I think you begin to learn (or are reminded) that the one thing most necessary is Christ.

And my 10 minutes are up…

Psalm 105:4 ~ “Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually.”

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