An Interview with Toby

Orientation starts today at the seminary and before I lost Toby to the beginning of the semester, I wanted to interview him about his experience with Greek.

I found Toby in the playroom around 8:45pm last night reading a Marvel Comics book (library book from Josiah’s school). The two younger boys were playing around him and the older two were already in bed (school night). I asked him if I could interview him about his Greek class. He sighed and begrudgingly put down Josiah’s book.

R – How do you feel about being finished with Greek?

T- Great (yawn). Relieved. Like part of the ominous cloud over my shoulder is gone. Actually, all the ominous cloud is gone and now there is a new thunderhead over my head that is called Hebrew. (Toby starts his Hebrew class next week along with Greek readings in the afternoons.)

R – Is thunderhead really a word?

T – Yeah! It’s the thunderstorm, that’s what the major cloud is!

R – What was your favorite part about Greek?

T – Um… There’s two parts. One is getting to meet and befriend and study with some high quality guys. And two is getting to learn a biblical language and learning the nuances of biblical Greek, things that aren’t in the English translations.

R – What was the hardest thing about Greek?

T – Learning so much in so little time.

R – Anything else?

T – And everything that goes along with that. All the vocab, all the concepts, the grammatical structures just compounding and compounding and compounding.

R – What was the funniest thing that happened in Greek class?

T – (Eating the last of his kids’ yogurt) Numerous things. I don’t know. It’s too far removed. (Greek ended 11 days ago.) (Our two-year-old, Reuben, squirts a full juice box into his snack bowl.) No baby! No, no! … (back to me) I don’t know, people taking crack pots at each other all the time.

R – Crack pots?

T – People taking pot shots at each other.

R – How do you feel right now?

T – Tired. (Reuben asks Toby to take his shirt off. He does and continues the interview shirtless.) I feel tired, but I feel excited about starting something new…

R – Hold on, I’m still writing.

T – This is the worst interview ever.

R – Sorry, I don’t know shorthand.

T – (To the youngest, who is opening the refrigerator door) Get out of the refrigerator! Is it time for bed now? I think so!

R – Ok, ok, last question. How do you feel about the fact that last year at this time, you were welcoming incoming international students and were getting ready to plan International Thanksgiving and stuff like that?

T – I think it’s crazy to think about that. It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since then. It makes me miss certain parts of that a lot. It makes me miss the internationals, the volunteers. It definitely makes me nostalgic. At the same time…

R – Uh, I think Reuben’s throwing the dish towels away.

T – Reuben, no! …At the same time it gives me hope for the future. That someday I’ll be able to do stuff like that again.

Needless to say, I would have liked to talk to Toby more, but by 9:10pm, it was time for the little ones (and Toby) to go to bed.


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13 responses to “An Interview with Toby

  1. Walt

    Seems like a great interview to me! Maybe the issue was not the interviewer as much as it was the interviewee! (You know how those Sem students can be!!!!)

  2. Beth Johnson

    I second that it was Great I Loved reading what Toby had to say and I’m looking forward to reading more of his interview at a later date when you
    post it.

  3. Alice Stroshine

    I can completely visualize your interview. Brings back memories of the toddler days when you can’t ever quite complete a thought or a sentence. I now miss those days. BTW, what was Toby’s favorite Greek word–anything that just astounded him or enlightened him or anything that made him say “aha”?

  4. Jenny Buchholz

    Love this! I love the detail and how you really get a sense of your lives with the kids. Greek, Hebrew, and…Marvel Comics! 🙂 Thanks for all your posts – it’s great to keep up with your lives there as you go through this time… love to all!

  5. J.

    nice, perhaps a video interview next time? Sounds hilarious!

  6. susan gosnell

    I am glad your dad had Greek and Hebrew before he went to seminary.

  7. susan schoenfuhs

    Why did my last name change on the post?

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