Toby’s the one with the floaties

He passed! He passed! Thank God Almighty, he passed the test!…89% too! I am so proud and so relieved. Phew!

Friday morning the test started at 8am and ended at 9:30am. At home, I paced the floors while my two youngest watched Sesame Street (the other two were at school). At 9:45am, Toby texted, “Finished, & now we wait… (til 11am).” I immediately texted back, “How do u feel?” He responded, “Good.” A half hour later, he called to say that many of the families were waiting with their spouses. He told me to grab the camera and the kids and join him there.

Waiting for test scores

When I arrived, I saw the Greek students anxiously waiting outside the professor’s office (which happens to be near the seminary fountain). Staff, fellow students, and families all joined the wait while the professor graded the 30 exams.

Toby texting the good news to his family and friends.

At around 11am, the students were motioned to come in and see their test scores. They entered the building one after the other to view their scores and the rest of us quickly moved closer to see the reactions of the men coming back out. Some of them had smiles of relief, some of them immediately hugged the closest classmate. They were shaking hands, high fiving, fist pumping, and grabbing bear hugs and kisses from their family members.  Of the 30 students, 28 of them passed. Of those two who were unable to pass, one more passed the second chance qualifier in the afternoon. Later that afternoon, the professor shared that this class had the highest cumulative grades he had ever seen.

I have lots of pictures to show you and stories to tell, but for now, I’ll leave you with a video of the seminary fountain jump. It’s tradition for the seminary Greek students to jump into the murky waters of the seminary fountain after they have passed their qualifying exam.

Here is the video. (Unfortunately my video did not upload properly, but I found one from a friend.) Click on the link and enjoy! (Toby’s the one with the floaties.)


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5 responses to “Toby’s the one with the floaties

  1. Walt

    NIce floaties…. or should I say συμπαθητική συσκευή επίπλευσης! (Sorry, Toby… this is modern Greek!) CONGRATULATIONS AND PRAISE THE LORD!

  2. Gosia & Piotr

    Rachel and Toby, congratulations on getting trough this difficult time. We pray for strength for you.

  3. Alice Stroshine

    Toby, I’ve been waiting to be inspired to say something witty or profound, but nothing is coming. So I’ll just say that I’m so happy for you! I knew you would do a super job! Now that you have a little time off, Relax. Enjoy your family. Rest in the Lord. He is good. Blessings, Alice

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