Air-Conditioned Hot Tamales

You know when swimming lessons and church picnics are canceled, it’s too hot! With temperatures in the 100s, we are beginning to feel the signs of cabin fever setting in – grumpiness and bizarre behavior. The kids and I try to get outside a couple of times a day, but as far as I am concerned, the temperature outside is only good for a quick bread-rise and yogurt-making – neither of which I am in the mood to do.

Another thing that is directly affected by high temperatures is the ability to meet people. During hot spells, people essentially move from air-conditioning to air-conditioning. When you are the new kid on the block, it’s hard, first of all, to find people and, second of all, to find people who are willing to let a total stranger and her four grumpy, bizarrely-behaving children into their tiny apartment.

I know it has only been two weeks. I know that there will be chances to meet people more and more as the school year approaches. It’s just hard to go from having a core group of friends and neighbors who care about you, who feel comfortable to stop by at any time, who call you on the phone, and who love you, to go from that to …air-conditioned seclusion.  (Not that I am complaining about the air-conditioning, though!)

The bright side is that my kids and I are spending quality time together. I am focused on getting to know them better, and we are in a great place to explore the world around us. If it wasn’t just so dang hot!

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  1. Cheryl

    give Kristen a call-she has 2 kids James 5 and Jacquelin 11
    you could get together or at least commiserate over the phone about this
    horrendous heat–it’s been up to 109 today–mom S.

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