Exploring Campus

Food PantryI feel that I have settled enough on the inside of our apartment to allow for a little exploring on the outside of the apartment. So, for the last few days, I have tried to explore at least one aspect of campus or the surrounding city each day.

Today I experienced the campus food bank. Each seminary family is allowed one shopping spree per month at the campus food pantry. I had been told to hold off on my normal grocery shopping until I had visited the food pantry, and they weren’t kidding!

Inside the wagon pictured above are about 50 items ranging from cake mixes and jiffy corn mix to Crest toothpaste, diapers, and blistex all the way to refrigerated foods like ham, peas, and mozzarella cheese. All for free, thanks to the many donors who donate their time, pantry items, or money to make this wonderful perk possible.

SquashAnother neat thing about the campus is that a few years back, the woman in charge of campus landscaping decided to make some of the greenery around campus more “utilitarian”. Nestled into flower beds, patches of grass, and potted plants are edible plants. I have discovered (with the help of some new friends) a few hidden pepper plants, cabbages, a jalapeno plant, garlic, and a huge patch of squash – all for the taking. The picture above shows some of the squash my daughter and I harvested just last night.

Tomorrow I plan to explore the zoo with my kids and some friends. And Saturday I am forcing my hardworking husband to take a break from his studies to help me explore the nearest hardware store s0 he can purchase the necessary items to hook up my washer and dryer. =)



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4 responses to “Exploring Campus

  1. Walt

    And when your hard-working husband finishes hooking up the washer and dryer, he can come up north and hook up ours!!! :•)

  2. debbie

    Praise GOD! He is so good.

  3. Marlene and Ron

    We are so glad the move went well and your family is reunited. We will miss all of your family and wish God’s blessing to rain down upon you.

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