Happy Mother’s Day

I never got my mother a mother’s day gift, so I thought I would give her something she is completely uninterested in and would rather just return. I am going to write a public blog post about her.

Toby moved a week and a half ago to seminary. He has since been taking Greek classes, studying Greek with his new classmates, studying Greek while on the treadmill, and studying Greek while staying with some new friends on campus. Besides that he’s already gone on a few local tours, seen a professional baseball game, attended an ordination service and fellowship dinner, been invited to two pool parties, and challenged to a cannonball contest. He’s doing great.

When he moved out, my parents moved in. My dad on the weekends. My mom since last Tuesday. For every day since my mother arrived, she has worked to get this house packed and cleaned. She keeps this very slow train moving forward. Scrubbing sinks, baseboards, walls, toilets, showers, floors, cleaning out cabinets, dusting, organizing and cooking down the pantry and freezer items, shopping for last-minute household needs, wrapping and packing everything in sight, and even taking an afternoon to make some cheery lemonade cupcakes.

And then there are the children. She’s been patiently keeping a watchful eye on my active four. She’s been feeding them snacks, preparing their meal plates, washing their laundry, bathing them, and changing the little one’s diaper. She’s sat through 23 frenzied mealtimes and cleaned up after everyone. She doesn’t stop.

Now you might be wondering what exactly I have been doing during all this. Well, compared to mom, not much. I’ve just been holding tight to her train, knowing that if I can keep up, she’ll bring me safely to move-day. She has been indispensable to me. I could not have done it without her. She has stalled only to rest her back, or to give me advice, or to cry with me. She has promised me that I will make it. That the kids will be fine. That we will indeed be ready to move by Saturday morning.

Thank you, mom (and dad). Thank you for supporting me through this. Thank you for traveling down to help me. Thank you for keeping me strong. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And… Happy (belated) Mother’s Day! Worst gift ever.


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3 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Darci

    I pray for an abundant measure of Peace for you this week. Toby is indeed doing great. See you soon. God bless.

  2. Jennifer

    Your mom (parents) are awesome! You are very blessed. Maybe it was a belated mother’s day gift for you. You’re almost there. God is watching over you, as always.

  3. Cheryl

    Your Mom is a very special lady Rachel. I know what a help she is to you, now and at other times too. She may need a nice calming massage after all is said and done. Prayers for sanity and safety as you travel this next weekend–our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Mom S.

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