A Full Tank of Gas

There are a lot of ways that people show their love for one another. I’m a foodie, so the way I show my love is by preparing, cooking, or baking food. My husband, Toby, is not a foodie. I could spend all day cooking a tremendous, multi-course meal, only to find out that he would have been just as fine with hotdogs and macaroni n’ cheese (true story). His favorite restaurant is Route 66. His favorite foods are McDonald’s French fries and any chewy candy, e.g. hot tamales, jelly beans, or fruit snacks. Not very romantic at all.

However, one way that Toby shows his love just occurred to me as I was driving around town today with the kids. I glanced down to check my fuel levels and found that the van was full of gas. When I saw the dial confidently hovering over the “F”, I smiled a little. Toby must have filled the van up with gas right before he left for seminary.

It then occurred to me that I have probably only filled the van with gas a handful of times since we bought it in 2008. Whenever Toby has the van, he fills it up for me. He doesn’t have to. He knows I am perfectly capable of doing it myself. But I believe he does it because it’s one way he takes care of me. It’s one way that he loves me.

While gasoline rates at the bottom of romantic gifts, the thoughtfulness behind it gave it extreme worth.

Thank you, Toby, for filling the van up with gas... every time.


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2 responses to “A Full Tank of Gas

  1. Alice Stroshine

    Rachel, I love this post. I hope my boys will treat their wives (hopefully, someday!) like Toby treats you. What a man!

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