The-End-of-the-Drive Phenomenon

I have observed that if you place something at the end of your drive, it is considered free to the rest of your community. I will refer to this common occurrence as “The-End-of-the-Drive” phenomenon. That’s how we incidentally got rid of an old couch 8 years ago. I thought I was throwing it away. However, while wondering whether or not the garbage collectors would take it, a car pulled over rather quickly, dropped off an elderly lady, who immediately sat (territorially) on the couch. The car sped off leaving the lady and my old couch on the side of the road. I stood safely behind my living room window watching the proceedings. Within ten minutes, a truck pulled over and picked up the couch and the elderly woman (in that order). And just like that, my old couch was gone.

I don’t know if this is a nation-wide phenomenon or just a Midwest occurrence, but I do know that some of our Asian students found out about The-End-of-the-Drive phenomenon the hard way. They had left some of their belongings outside of their home, intending to retrieve them later in the day. After a few hours, they went to pick them up, only to find that they were gone. They anxiously asked us if we thought someone had stolen their property and if they should contact the police. That’s when I explained what putting something at the end of the drive meant and, no, they should not call the police.

FloormatsToday, I am testing the phenomenon. At 10:35am this morning, I placed 23 large, brightly-colored, multipurpose floor mats at the end of my drive. They are currently still sitting there.

How long do you think it will take for the floor mats to disappear? If you like, post your guesses.


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5 responses to “The-End-of-the-Drive Phenomenon

  1. Alice Stroshine

    Just as long as it takes me to drive over. JK. Alice

  2. Walt

    Just as long as it’s not a bread machine out there!

  3. Jackie O.

    put the toaster oven out there. 🙂

  4. Allen

    What happens if you want to get rid of an old garbage can?

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