Phase 4: Completed

This past weekend, phase four of our six-phase moving process was completed: the garage sale. We opened Friday at 7:13am and closed at 5:31pm. Hundreds of people stopped by and bought almost everything. Saturday was not so exciting. Only tens of people stopped by. We opened at 7:30am and we shut ‘er down (out of sheer boredom) at 12:51pm.

The most interesting part about doing a garage sale is, of course, the people. On Friday, we had  four or five pregnant moms, many grandmas pulling around grandpas to shop for their family members, a preschool teacher, a cable guy, lots of young couples, one of the members of ZZ Top (at least he looked like it!), and a man wearing a bike helmet with a rear-view mirror attached (I felt like he was watching me even when his back was turned). Officer Mike stopped by to purchase a pack n’ play for his new grand-baby. And a school bus driver even pulled his bus over to check out our wares.

On Saturday it was mostly neighbors, some college guys (who bought a children’s toy and some CDs), another preschool teacher, walkers, and a few families. Officer Mike stopped by again (making everyone a little nervous), as did a few other Friday shoppers.

Some shoppers walked in not wanting to waste any time. “Are you guys selling any bath towels?” or “Where’s your pampered chef stuff?” If the answer was “we don’t have any,” they left immediately, probably on to the next garage sale on their list. Other people came to window shop. They spent what seemed like forever flipping through CDs, looking at books, and testing out whether or not the lamps worked. Sometimes they would buy something, sometimes wouldn’t.

Then there were the professional garage sale shoppers. If the cost of the oven mit was 25 cents they got it for a dime. If I wanted $5 for a shelf, they’d asked if I would go down to $3. They didn’t mince words, they didn’t chitchat, it was all business, and by the time they were gone,  I would feel a strange sense of relief.

Of course, my favorite visitors were my friends and neighbors.  They stopped by to lend a hand, to say “hello”, to keep me company, to set up or break down tables, and sometimes they even found  something to buy. Or, they just stopped by to bring me a Starbucks… twice. (Thanks, Al.)

All in all, Phase 4 was a great success. The weather was beautiful and so were the people. Now it’s on to Phase 5a and 5b: Packing and Cleaning.


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2 responses to “Phase 4: Completed

  1. Walt

    Hallelujah! (…and congratulations!)

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