A Tugboat Happy Place

There is a large tugboat sandbox that has sat on the border of our backyard and our neighbors’ backyard for about three or four years. It sat next to a bright pink playhouse and was rarely used by the older boys in the neighborhood.

Yesterday, I cleaned it out to get it ready for our garage sale this weekend. As it dried in the sun, my oldest son and his neighbor friend “rediscovered” the novelty of playing in Tuggy the Tugboat. After a good hour, they came running up to me with an idea.

Obviously excited about their idea, my son exclaimed, “He wants to buy the tugboat!” Knowing my neighbors and knowing that this particular toy is big and plastic and usually marketed to toddlers (not third graders), I proceeded with caution. “Oh yeah?” I said noncommittally. Sensing my deliberation, our neighbor friend immediately promised me all of his money saying, “I will give you everything I have for the tugboat.” My son chimed in, “He has two really good coins that are worth 1,000 dollars each, mom. That’s 2,000 dollars!” “Yeah!” our neighbor friend agreed with a crazed look in his eyes.

While 2,000 dollars was greatly appealing to me, I didn’t give in. I responded, “Why don’t you talk to your mother about it and get back to me.” Before I could finish my sentence the two were off running to my neighbors’ to continue negotiations.

Believe it or not, after a few hours of what I can only imagine to be a combination of  third grade antics and some hardcore sales pitching, our neighbor successfully convinced his parents that he needed that tugboat. He promised his parents that it would be his “happy place.” The perfect spot for relaxing with his dog and calming down after a hard day.

That tugboat is now sitting on the back porch of my neighbors’ house. It’s drying off and preparing itself to start its new role as the perfect happy place for a boy and his dog… unless it ends up back in the garage sale on Saturday marked: Tugboat sandbox – $2,000.


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3 responses to “A Tugboat Happy Place

  1. Walt

    $2001.00… and that’s my final offer!!!

  2. Julia

    Mom will make you store it with the bread machine.

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