It’s all Greek to me.

Part of Toby’s seminary experience will be learning ancient Greek. Thanks to the derivative nature of the English language, he knows a little Greek already. Let’s see how much Greek you already know.

What do the following Greek words mean? (When you’re done, check your answers at the bottom. Good luck!)

1. kleptēs
a. soccer cleat
b. thief
c. craftsman
d. church

2. therapeia
a. sickness
b. liquor
c. heat
d. healing

3. mōros
a. foolish
b. plenty
c. traditional
d. mouthful

4. patriarkhēs
a. nobleman
b. patrolling officer
c. male head of house
d. a dessert consisting of a meringue base

5. biblion
a. book
b. dark green leaves
c. cloth fastened around child’s neck
d. biscuit

1.(b) 2.(d) 3.(a) 4.(c.) 5.(a)

How did you do?


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6 responses to “It’s all Greek to me.

  1. The other Rachel

    100%!!!! That just made my day.

  2. Walt

    I got 100%, too! So… how about some Chinese etymologies, such as: 信心!

    • Confidence! That’s what you had when you took my little test! I am so impressed with everyone. If I were taking my own test, I would have gotten number 4 wrong. =)

    • BTW – while 信心 means confidence, I believe it literally means “faith or trust of the heart.”

      • Walt

        And 信心 is used in the Bible for faith… such as throughout Hebrews 11 – both in the Union Version and in the more modern Chinese versions!

        P.S. I got number 4 correct – though, if you ask Toby, he probably would like answer ‘a’!

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