Bionic Booger Boy

A few weeks ago our neighbors’ son and my oldest son spent the afternoon generating comic books in my dining room. They brainstormed, they drew, they colored, and they wrote a ton of relatively unique stories about monsters, robots, and oddly named superheroes. Using almost an entire package of copy paper and half of a box of staples, they worked together for over two hours. I watched from the kitchen and tried not to think about what I was going to do with all that artwork after they finished.

Normally outbursts of creativity are welcomed around here. But because we are moving, massive amounts of artwork unfortunately add to a larger job that I keep putting off: what to do with the huge pile of artwork in the corner of our office. Different parents have different advice, such as keep it all or choose one for each child, each year, and frame it or take pictures and make a memory book, etc. I just can’t decide and therefore, I have this pile in the office that keeps growing. And after the aspiring author-illustrators were finished, the comic books were left in yet another pile in the middle of the office.

On a promising note, however, I don’t think I’ll need to belabor over the comic book collection because this past Saturday, I came home from grocery shopping to find three of my children plus our neighbors’ child sitting at the end of the driveway at an old computer desk with a sign that read: “Comics for 25¢.” I pulled up and asked them what they were doing, and they said they were selling their homemade comic books on the street. They had already sold three books and were feeling hopeful (two were sold to my neighbor, who happens to be the father of one of the author-illustrators).

As I started putting the groceries away, a car pulled up and the driver asked the same question I had. When the kids explained that they were selling their comic books, the couple responded, “Oh, sorry we were hoping for some lemonade,” and drove off. I thought that the response might discourage the children, but they seemed even more excited. People were stopping their cars for them!

I finished putting the groceries away and decided I should buy a copy of whatever they were selling, too. As I handed them my quarter, they eagerly handed me the original copy of “The Big Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy.” It’s pretty good. My favorite part is when the hero defeats his nemesis by biting him in the butt with a giant set of dentures. Brilliant.

By the end of the day, thanks to the generosity of our unsuspecting community members, the kids made an incredible $9.25. Because of their shocking success, my entrepreneurial children and their neighbor friend have decided that, starting this Friday, they will be selling comics and lemonade, each for 25¢.


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8 responses to “Bionic Booger Boy

  1. debbie townsend

    Josiah, I would like to buy a comic book so please save me an extra special one and please autograph it. Thanks

  2. Cheryl

    That’s what happens when you have two creative people for your parents.

  3. Beth Johnson

    I’ll have to come by and check out their comic’s !!!!

  4. amy horevay

    this cracked me up. so cute!! miss ya!!

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