The U-Haul and a Top 10 List

Two plants, two TV-trays, two shelves, a lamp and a fold out chair are all that’s left in my dining room. The dining room set, along with everything that will go into storage for four years, is packed into a small U-Haul trailer that is currently  sitting outside my front window. Toby and my brother-in-law are driving down to my in-laws and to friends near the seminary to drop off all things for storage. This is the completion of Phase 3 in our magnificent move to seminary, three down three to go. The next phase is “the garage sale”; a further slimming down of our too many belongings. My new mantra this next month will be: “Think Minimalist!”

Meanwhile, here are some more interesting things we found while packing for Phase 3:

10 more interesting things we’ve found while packing

  1. A fishing pole (we don’t fish)
  2. A chocolate bar from 2008
  3. A badminton set
  4. Toby’s junior high school transcripts
  5. A mouse trap with peanut butter from three years ago
  6. Artwork sketch from high school (framed)
  7. My black and white ruffled dress from an eighth grade dance (a large, off-centered bow still intact)
  8. 1,000 craft sticks
  9. An illustrated instruction manual to the game of Mah-Jong
  10. Chadwick the Crab


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4 responses to “The U-Haul and a Top 10 List

  1. Julia

    Hopefully the mouse trap was empty!

    Also, you should plan a 90s dance party in your dining room. You could wear your dress!!

  2. Walt

    Hmmm… I remember the dress and I can bet where the instruction manual to Mah-Jong came from. The fishing pole is confusing as the old chocolate bar (how did it survive without someone eating it!) But what really excites me is the discovery of Chadwick the Crab! I have long wondered what happened to the denizen of the Chesapeake Bay! We are talking about classic Children’s literature here!

  3. Beth Johnson

    What will be in your Garage Sale ?

  4. Did you eat the chocolate bar? (That makes me rethink your popcorn offer…)

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