I think therefore I waste time.

My task for this morning was to sort through all of our children’s books (we have a lot) and divide them into three categories: keep, give away, and sell.  After about five minutes, I decided to combine the “give away” and the “sell” piles. My reasoning was whatever I couldn’t sell, I could donate.

Then I started to focus on what I should keep. I sat there looking over each of the many children’s books, early readers, and board books that we own and I started to think: Maybe my daughter will one day be interested in The True Stories of Animal Rescues. Keep it! I know they’re old, but Hello Cat You Need a Hat and A Lot of Dogs are both good early readers. Keep them! The Rooster Struts is my favorite board book. Keep it! The superhero books are not my favorites, but the boys love them. Keep them all! The more I thought about each book, the more the “keep” pile grew and grew.

Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, my thoughts turned to the ridiculous. What if we can’t easily get to a library once we’re there? We’ll need books! What if I decide to open a daycare home school? We’ll need books! What if my oldest needs them for a science fair or history project next year?  We’ll need books! Two hours later, I had deliberated just enough to convince myself that it would be a shame to get rid of our children’s books.

And that is where I have left it today. It wasn’t a complete failure. I do have one Rubbermaid tote of “sell or give away” books sitting in the garage, waiting to be delivered to their new homes. But, sitting proudly in the living room are nine moving boxes filled with children’s books marked – “keep”.


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3 responses to “I think therefore I waste time.

  1. Julia

    Just like Dad in this regard 🙂

  2. debbie townsend

    Hooray! Glad you kept them 🙂

  3. Walt

    Hey, Julia… I resemble that remark! (Except, of course, for the fact that I had already thought that.)

    P.S. We have a ton of children’s books… interested? You and Julia can fight over the Bridge to Terebithia autographed one!

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