And so it begins

A few months ago, my husband decided to make a career change. I almost said “a huge career change”, but that would not be completely true. He currently works as a campus missionary to the international students and their families. In June, he will begin his seminary studies to become a pastor with a cross-cultural focus. Big change? Not on paper. But for our family of six, moving anywhere is a big deal.

This blog is how I will tell my story of our experience. Please join me over the next few years and we’ll ride it out together.


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3 responses to “And so it begins

  1. susan gosnell

    Thanks for sharing. We are keeping you all in our prayers. Go with God. It’s the only way to go.

  2. Walt

    Good start, Rachel! I look forward to hearing more!

  3. Yan

    I really enjoy reading your stories and get inspired when see how God walk with your family!

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